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Learn the art of digital copywriting, content writing, and social media content writing to maximise your effort on your copies and eventually amplify your marketing efforts with this Online Copywriting course.


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Online Copywriting Course Details

5+ Hours of Live Virtual Learning
4+ Hours of Offline sections
Attend lectures via Class room or any Device
Access to Video Lectures for 50 days
Practice Tests & Assignments
Dedicated Q&A Support & Help
Learn tried and tested Copywriting Formulas

Industry Recognized Copywriting course Certification from Harvard School of Digital Marketing

By the end of this extensive online copywriting course, you will be able to write great copies for various digital platforms and use copywriting tips to attract customers to buy from you. Our certificate serves as a testament to the knowledge and skills you have gained.

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Online Copywriting TrainingCourse Syllabus

Since content is the king, this online copywriting course is invaluable for everyone who wants to get into writing today. You will have learned copywriting and content creation principles for not only various social media platforms but also offline advertising campaigns.

  • Three components essential for copywriting
  • What is a ‘copy’ and the different types of ‘copies’
  • Understanding the communication process
  • Apply communication process for digital copywriting
  • Importance of effective communication
  • Learn copywriting & content creation principles
  • Get familiar with copywriting blunders to avoid
  • Find out which high-school grammar rules you can bend
  • Learn about different copywriting formulas
  • Discover the importance of compelling headlines
  • Study the difference between Slogans, Taglines, & Jingles
  • Learn how emotions help in connecting with consumers
  • Discover emotions to use in your writing approach
  • Learn processes any copywriter can follow
  • Discover essential copywriting tips to use
  • Discover importance of Art in Digital Copywriting
  • Learn how to create a well-designed campaign
  • Learn about social media content creation
  • Learn how to write content for social media
  • Get familiar with character limits
  • Discover importance of Art in Digital Copywriting
  • Learn how to create a well-designed campaign

5 +


4 +




What More You Will Learn

Structure and write compelling sales copy
Apply the power of emotional drivers, even when writing in a B2B environment
Beat run-of-the-mill writers who focus on 'needs
Understand how to leverage features, benefits and advantages
Craft professional press releases that get published
Know how to become a Voice in their Industry


A strong desire to be a great writer. Free links are provided to all software needed (even Word!)

Who this course is for

Aspiring copywriters wanting to master their skills and have access to a real pro
Anyone who has completed my 'How to BECOME a copywriter' course
Entrepreneurs, start-ups and business people wanting to punch above their weight
Web designers seeking an extra revenue stream from existing clients
Graphic designers needing to understand the role of copywriting
Marketing professionals looking to develop their career

Start as an Expert in Copywriting and Content Writing

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Tools You’ll Master

Here we listed our tools for the course



Yoast SEO

Survey Anyplace



Google Adwords

Google Analytics

Similer web


Hub Spot



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Frequently Asked Questions

Our online Copywriting course includes a combination of high-quality offline lectures and multiple assessments. The video lectures are self-paced to ensure you can watch them at your own convenience. The assessments test your understanding of the topic to ensure you become an expert.

To watch this Online Copywriting course, a laptop with i3 and above processors is necessary to watch the video lectures and attend the live sessions seamlessly. We don’t recommend using mobile phones or tabs since they might pose technical limitations.

This course is available both offline and online, You can access your lectures, readings and assignments anytime and anywhere via the web or your mobile device or via classroom section.

You will receive 50 days access to the lectures. You can learn Copywriting and revisit the tips as many times as you want.

You can reach out on HSDM, if you have any more doubts or follow-up questions. Our Copywriting subject matter experts are available between Monday and Saturday and will solve your doubts that surface during the course.

As per the syllabus You will receive 50 days access to either online or offline lectures.

You can add your doubts or questions to the chatbot which will be accessible from the trainer. You can also view other student’s questions. The doubts and questions will be answered by the course trainer during the live sessions.

You will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion stating that you have secured an Online/ offline Certification in Search Engine Optimization.

As a part of the curriculum, you only get a 50-day of access to the entire course online or offline and no recorded classes available.

HSDM follows a strict no refunds, no cancellations and no transfers policy. A refund will be given only in the case where HSDM is not able to offer you service.

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